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Regional Sales Associates / Representatives

Canadian Celtic Directory

Supplement your income!
We pay a great percentage!
Free Entry to Celtic Events in your area!

Duties entail

Representing CCD at festivals / events in your area.
(We negotiate for a booth for you at festival and events)
You retail directories at $ 14.95,
we sell them to you at $ 8.50
thats $6.45 profit for you from each directory sold!

Most importantly we need you to sell advertising in your area.
Pubs, giftshops, performers, festivals, folk clubs...etc...

You make 25% of sales up to $1000
Everything you sell after that, you make 33% of.

We provide

Passes to events
CCD Identification
Sample Directories
Ad rate sheets
Your contact information on our 'regional representatives 'website.

Contact us today to claim your area!