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Submitting a manuscript

We’d be happy to receive your query letter.
If we like your query, we will then invite you to submit your manuscript or proposal.

Note: Unsolicited manuscripts will not be returned.
Therefore, to avoid wasted effort and expense on your part,
please do not send unsolicited manuscripts.

The query letter should:

Hook us on your book’s concept
Persuade us why your book should be published
Convince us that you have the necessary experience/knowledge to write the book
Give us a taste of the book by including a table of contents
and brief chapter highlights

Please e-mail your query to
or send it via mail or fax to:

Porthole Press
115 - 509 Commissioners Road West
London, Ontario Canada N6J 1Y5
(519) 679-7389
Fax (519) 471-0318